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            2021年11月9日 星期二 , 歡迎進入六安江淮電機有限公司官網
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            TDMK(TM) Series High Voltage Synchronous Motor


            TDMK(TM) series high voltage synchronous motors meet JB/T1473《Technical conditions of large three-phase AC synchronous motor for mine mill》. This series motor with steel structure, can be produced as IC01 or totally enclosed. The motor should be connected with the coal mill by a coupling, and bear only the torque, not the axial and radial force, it is suggested that pneumatic coupling should be installed to improve the start capability under large load. Sliding bearing can choose the structure of oil ring or combined type with lubricating station according to installationstructure and the load. Sliding bearing is installed on the baseboard with a insulation plate between them to prevent the shaft current.
            This series motors can be applied to ball mill, rod mill, coal mill and so on.